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What are your STRESS Indicators?

STRESS only emerges when there is an imbalance…

There are different types of stress and different causes. 

The information on this page will help you to identify your levels or stress as well as the causes in order to live a life of minimal stress. 

Identify your Stressors

Complete our Stress Indictors Questionnaire

Learn more about the Science of Stress


What is Stress?

The problem is that stress is an inevitable part of our lives. It is the bodies natural response to danger and can protect us from threatening situations. Stress can be positive, negative, acute ad chronic, but mostly becomes harmful when it is out of proportion and chronic. It emerges when there is an imbalance in our lives – this is when we perceive that the demands cannot be met or managed by the available resources. Demands become stressors when we believe that we cannot meet them.

Understanding stress and identifying your stressors is the start to living a less stressed life. Our questionnaire below will help you to identify your stressors, giving you an insight into your levels of stress and the affected areas of your life. completing these questions will help you to become more mindful of your stress and can assist you in developing your Personal Stress Management Plan.


For more information about Stress check out are latest Stress Articles.

Stress Indicator Assessment

This online assessment tool is designed to help you identify what are your stressors and what areas of your life your stress affecting.

Your Personal Stress Management Plan

Now that you have completed the Stress Indicators Questionnaire.

Use your feedback results to influence the recommended areas of focus for your stress management plan. Incorporate the recommended resources on this site to align your Rest, Mind, Movement and Meals in order to achieve balance.

Other Useful Resources

We want to keep you Fit-2-Work!

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