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How can I protect my vision at work?


Eye Health!

How to protect your vision at work

Computer vision syndrome is one of the most common stress injuries in the workplace. A common cause is staring at a computer monitor for too long and can lead to headaches, blurred vision and dry or irritate eyes.

Follow these tips to prevent eye strain and other eye sight related issues, especially if your job’s requirement is staring at a computer screen all day.

The rule of 20-20-20

For every 20 minutes spent at the computer screen, spend 20 seconds looking away relaxing your eyes on anything 20 meters of distance. These short breaks will help reduce the strain caused to your eyes, relax your mind and help in staying focused.

It’s recommended that most people should get their eyes tested every 2 years.


Your GP or optician may recommend that you have an NHS sight test more often than every 2 years if you:


  • Are newly wearing glasses
  • Have diabetes
  • Are aged 40 or over and have a family history of glaucoma
  • Are aged 70 or over

Your work work enviroment could also be affecting your vision…

If required by your job, always ensure that you wear protective eyewear during the relevant manual handling tasks and sun glasses if outside or exposed to UV rays.

If you are desk based and spend the majority of your days staring at a computer screen, make sure tht your workstation is correctly set up for you

Is your DESK setup affecting your EYES?

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Stay Active, Eat Well and practise the 20-20-20 Rule to promote Eye Health at work! 

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