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Julian Dominique

Director and Practitioner


  • MSc Strength and Conditioning
  • BSc Sports Science
  • PGcert Exercise Rehabilitation
  • Posture and Back Pain Specialist

Julian is a lecturer in sports science and qualified personal trainer specialising in exercise rehabilitation. Having worked in the health and fitness industry for over 12 years Julian started Fit-2-Work as a graduate while working on a corporate and community health project at University.

After years of contact with hundreds of employees across different sectors and companies, Fit-2-Work was formed out of Julian’s urge to address a common problem that he was faced with when visiting various companies as:

Reoccurring Common Problems:


Inactivity and Injuries in the workplace

Poor Nutrition at work

An unawareness of health importance

Employee well being not considered a priority

Inactivity and Injuries in the workplace, poor nutrition at work and a general unawareness of the importance of healthy at work and its subsequent effect upon employee well being.


Julian begun to spread the word and soon came to realise that Healthier Employees were generally Happier Employees!

Fit-2-Work has gained recognition as a respected business with and significant mission is now a team of practitioners; personal trainers, sports therapists and massage therapists, specialising in exercise rehabilitation, back pain, posture and nutrition who are on a mission to improve your health at work.

We are an East London based team of friendly, local and knowledgeable experts, who are truly passionate about improving your health and happiness at work!