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1. Drink More Water

water at workAt any sports interval you will have seen elite athletes grabbing for the water bottle, ok so they do sweat more than we do at work, but it’s a fact that 20% dehydration can result in up to an 80% reduction in performance! and that’s not just in sports. Drinking more water will improve energy levels and quality of sleep, it will increase metabolism and improve the quality of your skin. How? – Keep a glass or water or bottle at your workstation somewhere in sight throughout the day. Every time you see it you’ll remember why it’s there.



2. Eatwell and Feel Great

Healthy Lunch PastaDid you know that the quality of food that you eat will affect how we feel. Everyone knows that fish is ‘brain food’ right… Without getting too sciencey, this is due to the high levels of omega-3 found in fish which have been shown to improve brain volume and ability in memory and cognition.

Even so you don’t have to eat fish every day to perform at optimum, but avoiding saturated fats and junk foods will offset the mid-work slump, which often kicks in after a lunchtime sandwich, pack of crisps, chocolate bar and fizzy drink.

How? – Eating a good wholegrain breakfast each morning and a similar starchy meal at lunch will keep energy levels high and hunger at bay. Snack on fruit and nuts if you’re feeling peckish and remember to drink plenty of water!


3. Help Someone More Than Before

help othersI love my job because I get to help so many people whilst they are at work! Even if you don’t work with the customer or consumer face-to-face as I do, just by doing your job as best as you can and doing it this way every single day your efforts will be having a positive impact on somebodies life. Helping others, is just another term for “giving a great service”, or “doing an outstanding job” such behaviours have been shown to improve satisfaction and happiness at work.



4. Move It… or Lose It!

Old and FitYou’ve all heard this saying before, and its true! for health of our heart, muscles, bones and joints. If in your roll you are sat down for long periods of time, getting up as often as possible to stretch your legs and back is essential for preventing common postural problems such as lower back pain.

If your job involves lots of movement or you are often in problematic postures during your working day, such as bending, leaning and lifting, using the correct technique and taking regular breaks to get yourself into a more natural and comfortable position will help you to avoid injury.

Get more active at work this week to improve your health and prevent injury!


5. Have Fun!

having fun at workHappiness is the foundation of a Healthy Body and a Healthy Mind. So its important to be happy at work. Smile and enjoy your daily tasks as well as the company of your customers and colleagues.


Try these 5 tips today for a Healthier, Happier Week at Work!

Julian @ Fit-2-Work